IOSG 8th Old Friends Reunion | Exciting Update on Scaling Summit & Metaverse Carnival

Thanksgiving Day has just passed, we hope you are all well! Thanks to your support, our preparation for the event has made great headway! Although there are ups and downs, we’ve gone so far. Thus, we are happy to announce more about the event.

🏠The Venue

Due to the reemergence of some pandemic cases in Shanghai, we decided to change the venue from Shanghai to Shenzhen. It’s a hard decision to make because we all know that Shanghai is home to some OGs and enthusiasts in the domestic crypto world. However, based in Shenzhen, we believe that there are more potentials to tap into with Internet giants and talented geeks on the fertile land of intelligence!

🌟Scaling Summit

For Day1, besides previous ones, including MatterLabs, Optimism, Aurora, Aztec, Polygon, Celer, xDai, Hop, the Graph, Synthetix, ChainNews, we have confirmed more remarkable partners, deBridge and Chainlink, and guests as follows,

Alex Smirnov@deBridge,

Amir Bandeali@0x Labs,


Benjamin Jones@Optimism,

Daniel Heyman@Palm,

Deli Gong@Automata,

Felix Leupold@CowSwap,

Harry Kalodne@Arbitrum,

Jiho@Axie Infinity,

Peter Kris@Mangata,

Ran Yi@WOO Network,

Robbie Ferguson@Immutable X,

Robert Lauko@Liquity,

Rune Christensen@MakerDAO

Stephane Gosselin@Flashbots,

Steve Guo@Loopring,

Tongtong Bi@PANews,


Xiang Yao@Mina,

Yenwen Feng@Perpetual Protocol,

Yuanjie Zhang@Conflux.

🌕Metaverse Carnival

For Day2, we have invited some fabulous partners such as Illuvium, Axie Infinity, YGG, Roll, Flow(Dapper Labs), Aavegotchi, Big Time Studios, Metaverse Labs and guests including,

Benjamin Rameau@Unicly(Jenny DAO),

Bruno Skvorc@RMRK,

Dieter Shirley@Dapper Labs,

Kieran Warwick @Illuvium,

Gabby Dizon@Yield Guild Games,

Jesse Johnson@Aavegotchi,

Kant@Nash Metavere,

Kaspar Tiri@Wolf3D(Ready Player Me),

Kayla Wang@ MyCryptoProfile,

Qibing Li@Ownership Labs(Dataverse),

Ryan Yang@Big Time Studios,

Sid Kalla@Roll,

Yin Cao@Digital Renaissance Fund

🔈Last Words

Many unexpected changes have taken place in the industry this year. New markets are surging in 2021. How to obtain the grail through the turbulence of crypto markets? It’s a great opportunity to exchange ideas with many old and new friends in the 8th Old Friends Reunion, which will also inject the industry with numerous blooming possibilities!

We will see you in ShenZhen on Dec 18–19!

🔥Go to Eventbrite to get the event ticket!

🏫 About Us

IOSG Ventures

IOSG Ventures, founded in 2017, is a community-friendly and research-driven early-stage venture firm. We focus on open finance, Web 3.0 and infrastructure for a decentralized economy. As a developer-friendly fund with long-term values, we launch the Kickstarter Program, which offers innovative and courageous developers capital and resources. Since we consistently cooperate with our partners and connect with communities, we work closely with our portfolio projects throughout their journey of entrepreneurship.


StarkWare develops STARK-based solutions for massively scaling the blockchain industry. Our solutions enable a secure and trustless operation of blockchain applications. STARK validity proofs ensure an Ethereum-secure, fast finality time and seamless user experience. Our solutions support a range of data availability modes. StarkNet: A permissionless decentralized Validity-Rollup.Any developer can deploy any dApp, using smart contracts, and achieve unlimited scale; StarkEx: A standalone customizable rollup SaaS. dApps can build on the StarkEx service, which supports a range of use cases out of the box: NFT minting & trading, derivative trading, AMM, spot trading, payments, and DeFi Pooling. It currently scales dYdX (derivative trading), Sorare and Immutable (NFT minting and trading), and DeversiFi (spot trading & payments)


imToken is a decentralized digital wallet used to manage and safeguard a wide range of blockchain- and token-based assets, identities, and data. Since its founding in 2016, it has helped its users transact and exchange billions of dollars in value across more than 150 countries around the world. imToken allows its users to manage assets on 12 mainstream blockchains and all EVM chains, it also supports decentralized token exchange and open DApp browser.


Arbitrum is a leading Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution developed by OffchainLabs. Based on the Optimistic Rollup scheme, Arbitrum enables ultrafast, low-cost transactions without sacrificing the security of the Ethereum ecosystem. Launched on August 31st, 2021, Arbitrum has attracted 100+ ecosystem projects. Arbitrum is currently EVM-compatible to the bytecode level. In the next upgrade, Arbitrum Nitro, Arbitrum will further increase developer experience by incorporating WASM support.


M7e aims to build a community of entrepreneurs, investors and early users who believe in and devote themselves to metaverse. It is promoting the early completion and implementation of the metaverse supported by NFT through media, activities, community, investment and ecological incubation.

Community & Thesis Driven Investing iosg.eth

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Community & Thesis Driven Investing iosg.eth

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