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See What’s happening at IOSG Workshop in Gitcoin Grant Round 10 Hackathon!

As GR10 comes to an end, we are pleased to present one event of the workshop series, inviting experienced entrepreneurs to share thoughts and advice on the journey of being entrepreneurs in the crypto space.

We are proudly…

In March 2021, Jocy the founding partner at IOSG judged the Shanghai Polkadot Hackathon where he saw 40 Chinese developer teams who developed ideas & products from 0 to 1.

These teams had huge potential and executional prowess but required support — financial & in form of mentorship. Today, in…

On October 26, Old Friends Reunion came to a successful close at 1933 Shanghai. With the theme of “DeFi Summit 2020”, IOSG, together with imToken, DeBank and Aave, had brought you the ultimate carnival of DeFi space. …

IOSG Ventures
IOSG Ventures

Special thanks to DODO and Longhash Ventures for providing valuable feedback!

Author: Amidzic Momir | Analyst @IOSG VC

Liquidity mining has proven to be effective incentivizing scheme for bootstrapping protocols and recently we witnessed one of the wildest liquidity mining events in the short history of DeFi. Notably, Uniswap launched…

IOSG Founding Partner: Jocy Lin

Today is the annual gathering of old friends. In the past year, the entire crypto-economic circle has been ups and downs, but IOSG Ventures is instructed to invest in value, stuck to value investment, pursued long-termism, and has always been friends with time.

As applications on IOSG Kickstarter Program continue to grow, we've been amazed to see the unfolding of hundreds of exciting projects. To spotlight some of these initiatives, offer them direct developer support, and build close connections with our mentors from the top-tier industry, we organized a unique showcase: IOSG Kickstarter…

Recap of IOSG Ventures & Interlay & Realsatoshi Chinese community AMA

About the AMA

Coordinated with the Realsatoshi community, IOSG Ventures had initiated an online live AMA with Interlay on Sept 09, 2021. As some of you might have not participated, we made sure no one missed out on the good stuff! We…

Author: Momir Amidzic (IOSG Ventures)

Acknowledgments:Thanks to Xinshu Dong (IOSG), Yenwen Feng (Perpetual Protocol), Liu Jie (MCDEX), and the SynFutures team for providing valuable feedback.

Early on, many believed DEXes would stand no chance against CEX giants in terms of cryptocurrency trading. How in the world could simple constant product…

Following the success of the Layer2 Global Hackathon organized by IOSG Ventures and Chainlink in Shanghai in early August, some of the overseas bounty providers also selected their ecological bounty winners. …

Ray Xiao, IOSG Ventures,

Great thanks for John Wu providing advice

1. Background

1.1 Stablecoin Market Cap

Decentralized & centralized collateralized stablecoins are dominating the stablecoin market, while algorithmic stablecoins still are niche products, with about 1% market share.


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